Contribution of fat, sugar and salt to diets in the Pacific Islands: a systematic review

A systematic review by Santos et al has investigated the contribution of fat, salt and sugar to diets in Pacific Island countries. Authors searched both electronic and grey (unpublished) literature, finding 31 studies that provided relevant information on fat (n=22), salt (n=14) and sugar (n=17). A range of assessment methods were used, including absolute intake, household […]

Relationship between Dietary Salt and SBP Independent of other Dietary Factors

A recent study from the INTERMAP (International Study on Macro/Micro-nutrients and Blood Pressure) Research Group, published in Hypertension, assessed whether the sodium-blood pressure (BP) relationship is modulated by other dietary factors. The INTERMAP study includes 4680 participants aged 40-59 years from Japan, China, United Kingdom and the United States. Dietary data was collected via four […]

Association of salt-related knowledge and behaviours with salt intake

A study by Johnson et al at the George Institute for Global health, published in Nutrients in February 2017, showed that the mean salt intake in India was 9.27 (8.87-9.69) g/day based on 24-hour urine samples. The study revealed that less use of salt while cooking, avoidance of snacks or namkeens–a savoury Indian snack, and […]