Population strategies to reduce salt

Reducing salt intake by 30% by 2025 to control and prevent non-communicable diseases

Reducing population salt intake by 30% by 2025

Reducing salt intake requires population based, multi-sectoral and culturally relevant approaches.

The first step is to identify where salt in the diet is coming from which includes:


Government policies and strategies should create environments that enable everyone to eat a healthy diet which includes adequate amounts of safe and nutritious foods – which do not contain too much salt, fat and sugar.

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In order to support this, WHO has developed a complete salt reduction package (the SHAKE Package) to support countries to reduce population level salt intake.

We have compiled a range of tools and resources to support countries to develop and implement national salt reduction strategies relevant for their respective contexts, by following the guidelines of the SHAKE package.

To access the WHO’s SHAKE package and our WHOCC SALT complementary tools and resources, head to our Resources section.