Contribution of fat, sugar and salt to diets in the Pacific Islands: a systematic review

A systematic review by Santos et al has investigated the contribution of fat, salt and sugar to diets in Pacific Island countries. Authors searched both electronic and grey (unpublished) literature, finding 31 studies that provided relevant information on fat (n=22), salt (n=14) and sugar (n=17).

A range of assessment methods were used, including absolute intake, household expenditure, sources, availability and dietary behaviour, therefore a meta-analysis could not be conducted. Ranges in absolute intake were seen, for example fat intake ranged from 25.4g/day in the Solomon Islands to 98.9g/day in Guam, and salt intake from 5.6g/day in Kiribati to 10.3g/day in Fiji.

The authors concluded that given the growing burden of diet related diseases in Pacific Island countries, there is a need for higher quality research and nutrition monitoring systems in the region. Read the full article here.