Mongolia: Raising salt awareness in the western region of Mongolia

Mean estimated population salt consumption in the western region of Mongolia is 15.4 g/day; triple the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended daily maximum of 5 g/day and much higher than the national average of 11.1 g/day. To tackle this disparity, Mongolia has implemented several activities in line with the framework, “Improving knowledge and awareness on the salt intake of citizens in the Western Region,” and in accordance with the approved guideline on information and communication campaigns. Among the activities implemented, information and awareness training workshops for locals were conducted during October 2019. This led to the distribution of 3,770 copies of FAO-funded campaign materials consisting of five types of posters, information brochures and lower-salt recipes. Mongolia has also implemented several activities to involve industry in the fight to lower salt content in processed foods. Read all full activity reports here:

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