Implementing the national strategy of salt reduction in Morocco: the baker´s perspective

Published in the Pan African Medical Journal on 11th December 2020, Bouhamida et al conducted a quantitative exploratory study to examine the knowledge of bakers about the national strategy of salt reduction and evaluate their current contribution and future commitment in implementing the specific recommendation related to salt reduction in bread. 432 bakeries participated in the survey during 2018, consisting of 59% artisanal and 41% industrial bakeries that produce bread locally. The study found that only 27% of bakers had heard about actions by the Ministry of Health to reduce salt in the diet and bread, with radio (45%) followed by television (36%) as the most used source of information. 100% of bakers were not informed about the process of gradual salt reduction in bread, thus none were committed to this. The authors concluded that dissemination of messages using radio and television is needed to increase awareness and knowledge of the national salt reduction strategy of bakers who are supplying bread, a significant source of salt in the diet of the Moroccan population.

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