Strategies for Reducing Salt and Sugar Intakes in Individuals at Increased Cardiometabolic Risk

Published in Nutrients on the 13th of January 2021, Ponzo et al conducted a narrative review to describe current knowledge about the strategies to reduce dietary salt and sugar intake, including strategies for the food industry and for health professionals in a clinical context. A search of electronic peer-reviewed databases was conducted. Themes reviewed for how to reduce dietary intake of salt were: (1) dietary sources of salt intake; (2) hidden sources of salt; (3) replacing salt strategy; (4) reduction strategy (gradual adaptation); (5) spatial distribution strategy; (6) cross modal interactions; and (7) dietary tips for salt reduction, as well as future perspectives for salt and sugar intake reduction with an emphasis on the need for supportive environments, such as communities, schools and workplaces, to make healthy food choices. The authors concluded that avoiding excessive consumption of salt and added sugars should be clearly defined in dietary recommendations, and advice should be given to the food industry to reformulate processed food products.

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