Estimation of sodium and potassium intakes assessed by two 24-hour urine collections in a city of Indonesia

Published in the British Journal of Nutrition on the 26th of January 2021, Sari et al estimated the sodium and potassium intakes of Indonesian adults using two consecutive 24-hour urine collections. Adults aged 20–96 years were randomly selected to participate, from a pool of resident registration numbers. From the 528 people recruited, 479 people provided a successful collection for one day and 380 people provided a successful collection across two days. Mean sodium intake was 102.8 and 100.6 mmol/d, and mean potassium intake was 25.0 and 23.4 mmol/d for men and women, respectively. 80% of the study participants exceeded sodium intake recommendations. Authors concluded that high sodium intake and low potassium intakes should be targeted in dietary intervention programs.

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