Sodium intakes of US adults exceed recommendations

A study conducted by Cogswell M et al and published by JAMA investigated sodium intake in US adults. Data was used from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, with 827 adults providing 24-hour urine sample in 2014.

Mean sodium intake estimated by 24-hour urine was 3608mg/d, 4205mg/d for men and 3039mg/d for women. Results differed by age group with those aged 20-44 years having a higher sodium excretion than those aged 45- 69 years (3699mg vs 3507mg).

These results are concerning given they relate to 75.1% of participants exceeding daily sodium recommendations, 83.5% of men and 67.1% of women.

Authors concluded that this study provides a benchmark for future studies and interventions.

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