Formative Research to inform a behaviour change Salt Reduction Intervention in India (SRII) Project

The SRII project is a community-based salt reduction behaviour change intervention in India, funded by Resolve To Save Lives. Dr Claire Johnson and Dr Annet Hoek recently travelled to India to support colleagues at The George Institute offices in Hyderabad to undertake formative research activities in Siddipet, Telanagana: a small rural town approximately 2.5 hours’ drive from Hyderabad. As a part of the formative research, qualitative research was undertaken which included basic health and demographic surveys, focus groups and community mapping activities. These were undertaken with community members who generously volunteered their time. The data gathered will inform the design of a behaviour change intervention to reduce daily consumption levels of salt. Feedback and investment from the participants was extremely positive and the data gathered will be invaluable for developing an appropriate, feasible and scalable intervention.