FoodSwitch: State of the Fast Food Supply

A survey on the state of the fast food supply in Australia by The George Institute for Global Health found 60 out of 144 fast food combo meals exceeded sodium targets; 23 of these were from Red Rooster and 18 from Hungry Jacks. The sodium targets were benchmarked per serving against the Australian Government’s Suggested Dietary Target (SDT) for sodium of 2000mg/day. Fast food menu items that exceeded this were flagged as eligible for a ‘salt shaker’ warning symbol, which reflects current laws in some states of the U.S. that require this warning via a graphic icon on menus. The report also found that the fast food categories with the highest sodium content were seafood (608mg/100g) and pizza (538mg/100g). Read more here.

To read the summary from The George Institute, click here.