The threshold of salt taste recognition among a sample of Moroccan population

Published in Nutrition & Food Science on 1st December 2020, Guennoun et al conducted a simple-blind experimental study to determine salt taste recognition and evaluated differences based on gender, body mass index (BMI), and age among 201 Moroccan men and women aged 15 years and older. Conducted during 2018, the study used trained researchers and […]

Neapolitan Pizza Prepared with Seawater in Place of Salt has 50% less sodium and very good acceptability

Published in Nutrients on 17th November 2020, Idelson et al conducted a randomised controlled trial with twelve healthy participants to investigate the nutritional properties, sensory characteristics and metabolic effects of a typical Neapolitan pizza prepared with seawater (SWP) in place of common salt compared with standard traditional pizza (StP). The seawater pizza contained almost 50% […]

World Hypertension Day Promotion and Events

World Hypertension Day was on the 17th of May. A sample of promotion and events that took place are: Australia: “Because I Say So” video campaign   For World Hypertension Day, The George Institute for Global Health, High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia and the International Society of Hypertension have released a campaign video, […]

ASTHO Issue Brief on Food Service Industry Partnerships

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) published an issue brief which highlights insights for state health agencies around working with food service management companies (FSMCs), developing food service guidelines and improving industry partnerships. The ideas generated through interview of FSMCs, a survey of state chronic disease directors, and virtual roundtable discussions. Six […]