New research proves salt substitution lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack

On the 29th of August a study entitled “Effect of Salt Substitution on Cardiovascular Events and Death” was published by The New England Journal of Medicine. The study, by Neal et al from the George Institute for Global Health, found that use of reduced sodium and increased potassium salt substitutes significantly reduces rates of stroke, heart attack and death. The study was […]

Cost-effectiveness of population salt reduction interventions in Cameroon

Published in BMJ Open on 24th November 2020, Aminde, Cobiac, and Veerman conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis of three population salt reduction interventions to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Cameroon. Using a multicohort multistate life table Markov model, the study estimated that over 10,000, 79,000 and 84,000 CVD deaths could be avertedfrom mass media, school education […]

Potassium-enriched salt substitutes nationwide in China are estimated to have significant population health benefits

Published in the British Medical Journal, Markland et al used comparative risk assessment models to estimate the effects of nationwide replacement of discretionary salt with a potassium-enriched salt substitute on morbidity and death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults living in China. Additionally, a separate model was conducted to estimate harms related to salt substitute […]

“Pass less salt and when you pass it, make it potassium salt”

  In an article recently published in The Hill, author Dr Thomas Frieden (President and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives) discusses the petition to the FDA to change potassium salt labelling regulations. Currently, the FDA requires companies to list potassium salt as “potassium chloride salt”. Frieden suggests that this could discourage people from purchasing […]

Potential use of salt substitutes to reduce blood pressure

Farrand et al published a commentary outlining the potential use of salt substitutes to complement existing salt reduction strategies. Salt substitutes offer an opportunity to further reduce population salt intake and also increase potassium intake, which will reduce population blood pressure and assist in preventing and managing hypertension. They recommend governments consider promoting and subsidising salt […]

“Potassium Salt” – The FDA Citizen Petition for Potassium Salt Labeling

NuTek Food Science have been petitioning the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to allow labeling of Potassium Chloride as Potassium Salt. NuTek are petitioning for this voluntary and optional labeling given literature that shows consumers better understand and accept the term salt, as seen for sodium chloride, rather than seeing potassium chloride as a […]