WHO Launch of Action framework for developing and implementing public food procurement and service policies for a healthy diet

Around the world, millions of meals and snacks are served and sold to the public every day through institutions like schools, government offices, health care facilities, military bases, and correctional facilities. This presents an opportunity to improve the diets of the population by ensuring all food served and sold in these settings meet nutritional standards.  […]

LINKS toolkit: Resources for Healthy Public Food Procurement

LINKS (a collaboration between WHO, the CDC Foundation and Resolve to Save Lives) recently published a toolkit of resources for healthy public food procurement policies – these policies ensure that foods procured or served in public settings contribute to a healthy diet. Resources include implementation guidance and examples of policies from around the world, and […]

How effective is the Eat Mediterranean Program in Portuguese schools?

Published in Nutrients, Rito et al evaluated the Eat Mediterranean program (EM) that aimed to eliminate dietary inequalities in school children. The EM program was implemented over two school years in 25 Portuguese schools within two municipalities. A pre-intervention evaluation of school menus was conducted, analysing 39 school meal samples collected from 10 kitchens that […]

ASTHO Issue Brief on Food Service Industry Partnerships

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) published an issue brief which highlights insights for state health agencies around working with food service management companies (FSMCs), developing food service guidelines and improving industry partnerships. The ideas generated through interview of FSMCs, a survey of state chronic disease directors, and virtual roundtable discussions. Six […]