Creating healthy, sustainable, city food environments – Putting lived experiences first

A thought leadership event on ‘creating healthy, sustainable, city food environments’ was held on the 20th of June at the George Institute’s Oxford office. The event involved a keynote presentation by Prof Corinna Hawkes, distinguished fellow at The George Institute for Global Health. Corinna focused on the need for a “people-centred” approach that draws on […]

Salt-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours on Efate Island, Vanuatu

Sparks E et al published an article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on salt-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in a sub-national sample in Vanuatu. They found that salt-related knowledge was high, with over 80% agreeing that too much salt could cause health problems, and that it was ‘very important’ to lower […]

Sodium Levels of Processed Meat in Australia: Supermarket Survey Data from 2010 to 2017

A study by Sparks et al assessed the sodium levels of processed meat products in Australian supermarkets and changes over time. Overall, they found a reduction in sodium levels in processed meats for which the government had established voluntary sodium target’s under the Food and Health Dialogue, and no change for other processed meats. They determined […]