Salt substitution may prevent half a million deaths from CVD in China

A modelling study conducted by Markland et al from The George Institute has found that replacing regular salt with potassium-enriched salt could prevent around 460,000 CVD deaths each year in China by lowering blood pressure levels. Mean population sodium intake in China is more than double the WHO-recommended maximum intake limit, mainly from home-cooked meals. The study considered the potential harmful effects to people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) as the lead author A/Prof Matti Marklund explained, “…the benefits greatly outweigh the harms in the overall population. In fact, even among individuals with CKD, there are substantial net benefits”. The findings support a nationwide intervention in China to encourage the switch to potassium-enriched salt. This article is published in the British Medical Journal. Read more here.

To read the summary from The George Institute, click here.