Salt-Related Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours (KABs) following a 22-Month Consumer Awareness Campaign

Grimes et al conducted a repeated online cross-sectional survey to assess whether salt-related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours (KABs) of adults aged between 18-65 years in the Australian state of Victoria changed following the first 22 months of a consumer awareness campaign targeting parents. The 37-item questionnaire assessed participants’ demographic characteristics and salt-related KABs. It found that most indicators of KABs remained unchanged. However, positively, the number of parents/caregivers who agreed limiting salt in their child’s diet was important increased by 8%, there was a 10% reduction in the number of people who put salt shakers on the table and a 9% decrease in the number of parents who reported their children added salt to their meals at the table. This study is published in Nutrients. Read more here.