Salt-related knowledge attitudes and behaviours: does gender have an influence?

As part of the Science of Salt series, McKenzie B et al have published a thematic review focusing on salt related knowledge, attitudes and behaviours (KAB) in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension. Studies included in the Science of Salt Weekly were assessed from its commencement, June 2013, till August 2017.

A range of KAB questionnaires were used across the 75 studies included in the review and were population specific. In terms of salt reduction evaluation studies KAB outcomes were found to be secondary to more quantitative measures.

Of note was an apparent gender difference in KAB self-report in descriptive (baseline) studies, with almost 75% of those that presented disaggregated data showing women had more favourable self-reported KAB, yet none of the evaluation studies presented data disaggregated.

Authors concluded that evaluation studies should provide this data disaggregated in order to determine difference due to actual changes in behaviour or bias in self-report.

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