Salt Awareness Week Activities 2020

World Salt Awareness week took place from the March 9th to 15th. The theme was “Hide and Seek” and global activities aimed to highlight salt “hidden” in processed and packaged food and the difficulties faced by consumers “seeking” lower salt options. People were encouraged to contact food companies to demand less salt in food as well as chefs and restaurant associations to raise awareness of the need to slowly reduce the amount of salt added to the dishes they cook. An initiative by World Action on Salt and Health (WASH), posters, leaflets and factsheets were made available for order by hospitals, GP surgeries, health charities, schools, universities and others interested to be displayed year-round or for local community events during the week. To read more, click here

Dr Jacqui Webster also wrote a blog about the importance of action to reduce population salt, Time for tougher action on salt – lives depend on it. To read Jacqui’s blog, click here