New Survey Finds Two Rashers of Bacon are Saltier than 8 Bags of Crisps – Action on Salt, UK

In a recent survey conducted by Action on Salt, researchers investigated the salt content of bacon sold at ten of the UK’s major retailers. Of 171 products, all but one were high in salt according to the UK’s voluntary front of pack traffic light labelling criteria, and on average the bacon contained 3.21g of salt per 100g. A wide variety in salt content was also seen, the most salty product contained 5.3g of salt per 100g (Tesco Finest Unsmoked 8 Wiltshire Cure Back Bacon Medallions) and the least salty product contained 1.45g of salt per 100g (The Co-operative 8 Reduced Fat Unsmoked Bacon Medallions), suggesting that it is possible to make bacon that contains less salt. Researchers have called for the new UK government to implement a mandatory salt reduction program.