Monitoring Sodium Content in Processed Foods in Argentina 2017-2018: Compliance with National Legislation and Regional Targets

Published in Nutrients in June, Allemandi L et al reported on an evaluation of compliance of Argentinean processed foods with national and regional sodium targets. Data were collected on 3674 food products from four stores between August 2017 and May 2018.

864 products could be compared to the Argentinean sodium targets, which were set under Act 26,905 in December 2014, to be reached by December 2015, and almost 95% of products were found to be compliant.

1375 products could be compared to the regional sodium targets, voluntary targets expected to be met by December 2016, and almost 90% were found to be compliant with the regional target, though only half were compliant with the lower regional target.

High variability in the sodium content of food categories was also found. The authors conclude that there is scope for further sodium reduction in processed foods in Argentina.