Clinical Profiles and Factors Associated with a Low Sodium Intake in the Population: An Analysis of the Swiss Survey on Salt

Published in Nutrients on the 23rd of November, Burnier, Paccaud and Bochud conducted an analysis of the “Swiss Survey on Salt” with a focus on the clinical profiles and factors of people with low sodium intake. The “Swiss Survey on Salt” was conducted between 2010 and 2012 and included a random sample 1448 Swiss adults from which 24-h urine samples were collected in order to measure salt intake. Authors found that only 13.3% of this population had “low” salt intake, classified, for this study, as less than 5g of salt a day. The vast majority (78%) of people who consumed less than 5g of salt per day were female, of which also had lower food intake, blood pressure, BMI and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes compared to those who consumed in excess of 5g salt a day. Authors concluded that people with “low” salt intake did not appear to have other risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

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