Assessment of South Africa’s mandatory salt reduction policy: meeting salt targets linked with iodine deficiency

Charlton K et al recently published a study in BMJ Open, examining the impact of the mandatory salt reduction policy in South Africa on iodine status.

This study used a nested cohort design within WHO’s 2015 Study on global AGEing and adult health. In total, 875 adults provided 24-hour and spot urine samples.

Salt intake, measured by 24-hour urinary sodium, was 6.3g salt/day. Urinary iodine excretion and spot urinary iodine concentration varied by salt intake, with those consuming less than 5g of salt a day not meeting the estimated average requirement for iodine.

Authors concluded that salt reduction and monitoring of iodine status need to occur concurrently in order to prevent the re-emergence of iodine deficiency.

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