Assessing the Healthy Food Partnership’s Nutrient Reformulation Targets in Australia

Published in Nutrients, Rosewarne et al conducted a comparison study to assess whether the Healthy Food Partnership’s (HFP) proposed reformulation targets for 36 food categories, aiming to improve the overall quality of the food supply, were feasible and appropriate or whether more stringent targets were feasible. Using FoodSwitch as the nutrient composition database, a total of 10,599 products were analysed, including 8,434 products across 30 categories for sodium. The analyses revealed less than half (14) of the 30 proposed HFP targets for sodium, one out of seven for sugar, and one out of five for saturated fat were feasible and appropriate while highlighting the remaining targets could be more stringent and alternative targets are proposed in the study. Read more here.

The Australian government has communicated the HFP’s reformulation targets to companies in the food industry, which are published here.