Action needed to improve salt use behaviour and fruit and vegetable consumption across seven low- and- middle income countries


A recent study conducted by McKenzie BL et al published in Nutrition Journal, assessed salt use behaviour, fruit and vegetable consumption and the type of oil and fat used in cooking, and the association of these behaviours with cardiovascular disease risk factors, across seven low- and middle-income countries. From the sample of 24,332 adults from Bhutan, Eswatini, Georgia, Guyana, Kenya, Nepal and St Vincent and the Grenadines, it was found that only a third reported positive salt use behaviour, and 14% met WHO recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption, while 93% reported using vegetable oil in cooking. Poor salt use behaviour was found to be associated with a higher prevalence of undiagnosed hypertension for women, and a higher prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes for men. Authors concluded that there is an urgent need to improve salt use behaviour and increase fruit and vegetable consumption in the included countries.