Salt Summit held in India to discuss national salt reduction strategy

The George Institute for Global Health, in association with Arogya World, organized a Salt Summit in Delhi, India on 9 February 2017. The forum was attended by key representatives from government, food industry, academia, research organizations, community and media. It brought out recommendations and action steps for reduction of salt consumption and development of a […]

Association of salt-related knowledge and behaviours with salt intake

A study by Johnson et al at the George Institute for Global health, published in Nutrients in February 2017, showed that the mean salt intake in India was 9.27 (8.87-9.69) g/day based on 24-hour urine samples. The study revealed that less use of salt while cooking, avoidance of snacks or namkeens–a savoury Indian snack, and […]

Behaviour change interventions to reduce population salt intake

Trieu et al at the George Institute for Global Health conducted a systematic review to evaluate the effectiveness of population-level behaviour change interventions to reduce salt intake, published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity in February 2017. The review found that 19 of 22 studies reported that health education or awareness […]

Impact of UK sodium reduction policies on disease burden and equity

A recent study by Kypridemos et al published in BMJ Open (2017) found that sodium reduction policies in the UK are effective in reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and gastric cancer (GCa), but the effects are disproportionate across socioeconomic groups. The study estimated that the UK strategy resulted in about 52,000 fewer new […]

Salt reduction consultation meeting in South Africa

In September 2016, a high-level salt reduction consultation meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss progress, challenges and the next steps for the country’s salt reduction strategy. The meeting was attended by 25 key participants from government, non-government organizations, universities and research organizations. To read the full report of the meeting, click […]

Vanuatu province declares war on junk foods

Vanuatu’s northern Torba province had imposed a ban on foreign junk foods in an effort to protect the health of its people. The head of the local tourism council, Father Luc Dini, has ordered the province’s bungalows and local stores to serve only locally-grown, organic products. Dini also plans to introduce legislation within the next […]