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22 Jun 2021

Packaged food supply in Fiji: Nutrient levels, compliance with sodium targets and adherence to labelling regulations

Published on 19 May 2021 in Public Health Nutrition, Shahid et al. conducted a cross-sectional assessment of compliance to government labelling regulations and the nutrient content (specifically sodium and sugar) of packaged foods sold in selected major supermarkets in Suva, Fiji. Five major supermarkets were surveyed in 2018, with product information collected by taking photographs of the nutrition information panel of each product. They found that 14% of packaged foods met the Fiji labelling regulations, with sodium labelled on 95.4% of products. Convenience foods were found to have the highest sodium levels (1699mg/100g). The authors concluded that there was significant room for improvement in terms of nutrition labelling compliance, and substantial scope for the reformulation of processed packaged foods to reduce sodium content. Read the full article here.


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