Other Collaborating Centre team members

Dr Elizabeth Dunford

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Elizabeth Dunford is a Research Fellow for The George Institute for Global Health’s Food Policy Division and a visiting Research Fellow at the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina. She is also Project Coordinator for the Global Food Monitoring Group and for the FoodSwitch smartphone application globally.

Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition, a Masters degree in Public Health, and a PhD in Public Health from The University of Sydney. The work she has done through the Food Monitoring Group was instrumental in The George Institute’s Food Policy Division achieving World Health Organization Collaborating Center status in 2013.

Through the Food Monitoring Group Elizabeth liaises closely with collaborators from 30 countries. In 2014 she was awarded the World Obesity Federation’s New Investigator Award for her work in developing the FoodSwitch smartphone application. In the past 5 years she has presented at more than 45 national and international conferences.

In her short research career she has published more than 40 academic papers, has authored external documents for the World Health Organization and for the government of NSW, and she is an invited reviewer for more than 30 nutrition, medical and public health journals.

Ms. Michelle Crino

Doctoral Student
FoodSwitch Database Manager


Michelle Crino is a PhD student and FoodSwitch Database Manager at The George Institute for Global Health. Her work involves analyses and monitoring of food supply-based policies and nutritional composition of foods across countries.

In March 2014 Michelle commenced a PhD at the University of Sydney, School of Public Health. Collaborating with the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence on Food and Obesity Systems, and the International Network for Food and Obesity/non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support (INFORMAS), Michelle’s project will provide new evidence on the effects of food/obesity policies on nutritional composition of processed foods on an international scale.

Michelle also works on a variety of FoodSwitch-related projects. As FoodSwitch Database Manager, Michelle co-ordinates, trains and provides advice and support to countries looking to develop food composition databases as well as FoodSwitch smartphone-applications. Additionally her work extends to working with researchers, policy makers, regulatory bodies and the food industry to provide accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-interpret data to support consumers to healthier food choices.

Both Michelle’s PhD and FoodSwitch-related work aim to help direct future policy efforts in creating a healthier food supply.

Michelle has extensive food science/technology and nutrition experience, particularly in reformulation of food products and food legislation. Michelle holds a BFSHN (Hons) and MPH.

Dr Nicole Li

Research Fellow


Nicole has a medical degree and a PhD in public health research. Her research interests include: nutrition and lifestyle interventions for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases; impact modeling and evaluation for different intervention strategies and health policy reforms on cardiovascular disease burden; interventions looking at bridging evidencepractice gap in cardiovascular disease risk managements; and health advocacy.

Nicole was awarded a Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship from the United States in 2009 and took up this fellowship at The George Institute, China for one year in July 2009. In 2010, she was awarded a NHMRC Australian-China Exchange Fellowship, which enables her to continue her work at The George Institute, China office for an additional two years. Nicole is due to leave The George Institute, China in November 2012 and continue her post-doctoral studies with The George Institute, Australia.

Ms. Alexandra Jones

Research Associate


Alexandra Jones is a lawyer leading the Food Policy Division’s program on regulatory strategies to prevent diet-related disease, with collaborators at the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Law, Charles Perkins Centre and Menzies Centre for Health Policy.

Alexandra’s current research interests include Australia’s interpretive front-of-pack Health Star Rating system, mandatory salt standards, government-led programs for reformulation of processed foods, and regulation of sugar-sweetened beverages.  

Alexandra has previously worked on global tobacco control, and in health and human rights. Her primary interest is in the use of domestic and international law as a policy tool for prevention and control of non-communicable diseases. Ali holds a Masters of Global Health Law from Georgetown Law (Washington, D.C. USA), and a BA/LLB from the University of Sydney. Ali is currently undertaking a Ph.D. exploring nutrition labelling regulation worldwide.

Ms. Polly Huang