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22 Jun 2021

Blood pressure Effects of Sodium Reduction

Published on 15 February 2021 in Circulation, Filippini et al. conducted a dose-response meta-analysis of experimental studies, examining blood pressure effects of sodium reduction. The paper focused on trials with a month or more of follow-up, with 24-hour urinary sodium excretion measurements used, with sodium manipulation (i.e. through changes to participants diets or through supplementation), and with blood pressure measured pre- and post-intervention. Across the 85 studies that were eligible to be included, the authors identified an approximately linear relationship between sodium intake and blood pressure. Authors concluded that these findings are clinically important to both people with and without hypertension, and that advice to reduce dietary sodium intake is important to both groups. Read the full article here.

Adding to the discussion on the benefits identified for sodium reduction and blood pressure lowering, an editorial was published in Circulation by Neal B and Wu J commenting on “Sodium, Blood Pressure, and the Likely Massive Avoidable Burden of Cardiovascular Disease” Read the editorial here.


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